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Board of Directors

Youth Leadership

Nidhi Kolluri

Nidhi is 20223's President of THE STAGE nonprofit. She is a senior at Independence High School. She has been serving at THE STAGE since its inception. She took an active role in performing in 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2022 and raising funds for supporting Cancer patients during chemo, helping families dealing with Autism, providing education for low-income families and helping veterans & first responders deal with mental health. She worked on multiple projects to raise funds for a van and a bus for Mallikama home in India. She also performed in senior centers and shelters to spread the love of music. She is a singer, drummer and a guitar player and is pursuing her studies at the Academies of Science.

Ananya Todupunuri

Ananya is a sophomore. She has been a passionate person taking up every possible opportunity to help others. She is a member of multiple non-profit organizations and works on performing and setting up creative ideas such a art campaigns, etc to raise funds and donate. She loves playing the guitar because she believes that being able to make music gives her something beyond satisfaction.

Amogha Chetla

Hi! My name is Amogha Chetla and I’m currently a junior at Freedom High School and The Academies of Loudoun. In my free time, I like to read books, sing, and hang out with my friends. I participated in the 2022 FEEL show last year. I'm really excited to work with the Student Council of STAGE to help people in need and Notes N' Beats.

Rinay Kalluri

Hi there, my name is Rinay Kalluri I work as the marketing co-lead for the stage project and I'm a sophomore at Broad Run High School. I love and appreciate everything I have been a part of
at the Notes n' Beats music school. In my free time, I like to play basketball, hang out with my friends, and go for runs.

Vaishnavi Chamarti

Vaishnavi is a freshman at Independence High School and AET. She is a new STAGE member who loves to sing and believes in the power that music has to heal people around us. She is very excited to be a part of The STAGE this year, and hopes to help spread the magic of music to those in need.

Srinidhi Dasari

Srinidhi is a sophomore at Freedom High School as well as AET. She has been a violin player for 7 years and is continuing to learn both western and carnatic styles. She loves to perform in concerts as well as for friends and family. She is happy to be a part of THE STAGE this year.

Aakash Kolluri

Aakash is a sophomore at Independence High School. He has been an active member of THE STAGE since 2021. He lead the Graphic Stream work stream and created flyers and videos for our projects. He was an active contributor to our project FEEL and HighTide in 2022 and 2023. Aakash is a singer and piano player.

Meghana Yathin

Meghana Yathin is a grade 6 student who has been with Notes n Beats since 2016. She has participated in several of the annual charity shows and became a member of theStage in 2023. She worked on fundraising activities and researching rewards that student members could apply for.

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