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Past Success Stories

CELEBRATE LIFE in 2017 was a show in which all proceeds went to to Cancer Support

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"The Fire" 

In February of 2019, a student of mine, Joanne, 9 years old, asked me when I was starting the chorus training program again, like we did in 2018 for the charity event.  I said, Joanne, "I am still tired from the last years charity event, I don't know when I will start thinking about 2019".  She said to me, "But Ms. Veena, I want to sing in the chorus and be part of a charity event and I want to raise and give money to another boy who is in need, just like we did last year"!!! 

I was incredibly touched and I was proud that I was able to influence a child to do a difference in the community.  I told her, "Joanne, I am glad that you have the fire in your belly to make a difference and YOU are going to be my motivation and energy to do the charity event in 2019".  As such, the event is going to be named "The Fire" to represent our desire to make a difference to the people around us.

This year, we are donating our proceeds to "SITAR ARTS CENTER", a DC-based local non-profit organization that provides music education to children of families with low or no income.

-Veena Pandiri

CEO & Founder, Notes n' Beats.

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Zenaviv Organization for Autistic Artists (2018)

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Sitar DC Arts School For 

The Underprivileged (2019)

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