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The Stage Non-Profit Organization provides a platform for musicians to give back to the community through music.  These events will serve as a vehicle to make a difference to the less-fortunate in various areas related to health and education.  The volunteers can help with the organizational aspect of the event which includes but not limited to ideation, project planning, team management, marketing, fundraising, sales and the actual execution of the event.  Volunteers also have an opportunity to identify and locate the beneficiaries from the event.  They have a chance to "See It Through" - To actually see the difference that they made in the life of another individual.

2022 Project "FEEL" is raising funds for those dealing with mental health challenges:

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Upcoming Event



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Celebrate Life 2017
Donated To Cancer Support


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Autism Support 2018

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The Fire 2019
Donated To Sitar Arts Center

We Are Certified To Extend "Presidential Awards" For Service.

To Help Veterans, First Responders, and Teens With Mental Health Issues. Donate Here:


42763 Conquest Circle, Ashburn VA 20148


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